Medieval Monastic Manuscripts - Open - Network - Knowledge.

It is a collaborative project between the Library of Bruges, the University Library of Ghent, the Grand Seminary Ten Duinen in Bruges and the Diocese of Ghent.

I was asked as an artist to participate in this project. As an artist, I drew inspiration from the manuscripts in their possession as part of the Mmmonk project. To shed more light on this piece of heritage, an expo is linked to it with artworks inspired by the manuscripts.

For this project I am trying to paint on parchment. The same material from which the manuscripts are made. 
As inspiration for the images, I based myself on pictures I took during the preparations for the 'Blindekes procession' in Bruges. That procession is completely in the spirit of the time of the manuscripts.


Check the complete project on their website

Oil on parchement, 30 x 40 cm, 2022