Improvisatie Performance

The Liquid Wall forms the setting for a new performance by BIES (Brugse Improvisaties Spelers) where it will act as an interactive pavilion between the audience and the improvisers. The pavilion has a cross-shaped plan with an opening in the middle thus demarcating 4 rooms.

Four artists will work on site with input from the audience to draw an interpretation for each room.

In doing so, they will be accompanied live by 4 musicians who will use improvisation to come to an interplay. When the drawings are finished, the improvisers will start their performance starting from everything they see drawn on the walls of the rooms. We hope to create a new and exciting performance in which everything revolves around improvisation and co-creation..

Artist; Frieke Verlé, Leen Vandorpe, Florien Allemeersch & Simon Franssens
Pictures; Jason Slabbynck
Produced by BIES & The Liquid Wall, De Basis, Sint-Kruis, 2019